Need new prospects?

Are you a UK based energy or telecom supplier/broker looking for UK business energy & telecom sales prospects? Would you like real time gas, electric & telephone lead alerts emailed or texted to you based on the criteria you choose?

With our service you register FREE, tick the types of enquiry you want and we send you an alert when your type of customer requests a quote. You can log in to our system, browse the latest enquiries and purchase the details of the buyers that interest you on a "PAYG basis". No big outlay & no contracts, just "pay per lead" with your credit/debit card.

You can select leads by location, category, annual consumption or renewal date etc. Leads start at just £5, the average cost is £10 and the largest prospects are still only £50 so it's very affordable and cost effective. Each lead can be purchased non exclusively by up to four parties or you can buy them exclusive to you.



These are real UK businesses shopping online on our websites in real time who have requested bespoke quotes. Brokers and suppliers tell us they convert about 18% into sales. So if seven leads cost say an average of £70 in total, think how much you earn from just one sale..and you'll have that client on your books for years to come, earning again in the future.

Try before you buy! We'll give you £5 free credit with no obligation when you REGISTER HERE!


How to access sales leads

Click to watch the video on how easy it is to use our Pay Per Lead System.

In total I gained 8 new accounts which equated to a strike rate of 34.78%!
— Steve Westcott, Utility Matters
Got another sale from your site worth about £ is still the best lead service I have used.
— Chris Santley. Clear Energy Solutions
Just wanted to say I purchased one of your shared leads today and not only was the customer happy to hear from me but I beat 2 other quotes she had and has now signed a contract - all in the space of 3 hours. I was dubious about buying a lead before but for £15 my return on investment will be paid and more.
— T Jarvis Pink Star Networks.