Business Opportunities

We have three UK based business opportunities to help you make money:

1. Business Referrer: FREE.

2.  Your Own Online Price Comparison Business: (£1250 plus vat )

3. Energy & Water Broker Franchise (£13,000 plus vat)

If you'd like to discuss a custom solution, or just pick our brain, we offer consultancy & advice. The initial discussion is free and we simply charge £55 an hour plus vat thereafter should you wish to use our expertise. Contact us on 08448 8448 55 or send an enquiry form > get in touch.

Utility price comparison and switching- helping home and businesses to compare prices and save money on gas, electricity, telephone, water, broadband and mobile phones - is a thriving long-term business opportunity with repeat income that continues to flow in, year after year. Using business and home price comparison engines your customers can compare prices and switch online in minutes. This industry is huge with some 28.4 million electricity and 20.9 million gas customers in the UK alone.

1. Business Referrer

Simply refer any business client to our business energy calculator to compare prices. If they see a deal they like they can switch online or call our business sales team who will help them complete a switch in 5 minutes. When we get paid we then pay you 80% of our total commission received ( typically about 4% of the customer spend ). So as an example a typical high street business spending £5000 will earn you about £200.  All you have to do is email with your client name when you refer them so we can allocate the payments to you. To refer a client for a comparison send them directly to this starting page:

2. Your Own Online Energy Comparison Business

Build your own online comparison website business with 20 hours of training and support.. everything you need to earn a passive income from energy price comparison.

You will NOT need to be an energy expert or a web designer and you can run this business at times to suit you! 

Software does all the technical pricing and order fulfillment, allowing you to earn a passive income whilst you do other things. You can earn a second income whether you're working elsewhere or retired etc.

Similar business opportunities cost in the region of £25,000 however you can establish your own business at a fraction of the cost. Why?

Why not! As my own income is mainly "passive" it means I have spare time I can dedicate to teaching others to do as I do. The market is huge; there's more than enough consumers in the UK to support hundreds of successful consultants without threatening our own business.

The energy broker business opportunity includes:

1.     In depth Skype screen sharing assistance to design, build and then search engine optimise your professional energy broker website similar to ours. 

2.    A 'Plug In' own brand business energy calculator with margins of approximately 0.5p a kwh. You're paid commissions direct with an average commission being £250 a sale.

3.       'Plug In' own brand residential energy price comparison platform. It includes real time sales reporting and you earn £34 a dual fuel switch paid direct.

4.       A free local rate 0843 …number including online phone system management and a mobile phone App to enhance your business image and control your customer calls wherever you are.

5. Setting up and tweaking effective Google advertising campaigns to promote your business including £75 free advertising to get you started.

6. Setting up professional marketing automation to capture your customer details, build a customer database and stay in touch regularly.

For the next applicant only I'm charging a discounted rate of just £1250 ex vat for 20 hours of training and support. 20 hours coaching should be all you need. Should you ever need additional assistance it's available at £55 an hour ex vat. You'll earn a direct residual income on all residential and business sales long after your initial investment.  The scale of earnings per business sale varies but can be up to £5000.

What other costs should you budget for ? Well you'll need a domain name for your website ( maybe £25 ). You'll need internet access and a laptop/PC/Mac ( but you probably have that already). You'll need to pay for your website and hosting ( about £15 a month ) and a professional email marketing software package (£10 a month). Lastly you'll need a Data Protection Licence which is £35 a year. Allow for advertising on Google at whatever level suits should earn about double what you spend. 

PS. You may also like to add the Utility Warehouse Business to your income stream here too.

Remember this business cost me more than £20,000 to set up back in 1998. You'll be starting your online price comparison business for a tiny fraction of my cost and be in profit very quickly!

So how do I start?

If you have any questions first call me, Andrew Park, on 08448 8448 55 Option 1. Just pay the one off fee securely by credit/debit card via Paypal below. If you prefer to pay by BACS just let me know and we'll email you an invoice with our bank details. Once your payment is received I'll contact you to schedule and start your 20 hours of training asap. Typically you should allow about an hour a day of time to build your business. However I can work around your existing commitments with times that suit you.

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3. Energy & Water Franchise

You can earn around £800 an hour as a Utility Consultant/Broker…

Utility Brokering – helping home and business users compare prices and save money on gas, electricity, water and telecoms  – is a sound long-term business with residual income that continues to flow in, year after year as your client base expands and customers renew supply contracts.

Imagine everyone's utility meters and telephones as revenue generators that continue to pay you a residual income 24 hours a day, 365 days a year even when your on holiday or doing other things.

Are you looking for a lucrative established business in a thriving market that has the advantages of a 'franchise'but with minimal overheads and that you can run from home then read on...

You'll be trading in a market of 26 million customers in the UK alone. I earn (you can earn just as easily) a six figure income simply for arranging reductions and refunds in utility bills. I'm by no means a high earner compared to some in the utilities industry who earn millions but I have a nice business with a nice lifestyle and financial freedom to spend time as I wish. That's what attracted me to this business even though I knew nothing about the utilities market.

Initially, utilities can appear ‘technical’ (do you really understand your own energy, water & phone bills?) but once trained it’s much easier than you might think and the very fact that customers consider it to be confusing, protects your investment from potential competitors. If utilities didn't apper to be confusing anyone could start up in competition with you.

I'll help you rapidly build the expertise and access to prices that customers don't have, to ensure your knowledge is increasingly in demand.  

If you’d like to run your own part or full time energy water & communication business from home just print and digest this brief information and compile a list of questions. You’ll have queries which I can’t hope to cover in this brief introduction and I am happy to take time to answer them in more detail with you personally.

As you'll be aware energy prices (and the huge profits therein) are rarely out of the news; the time has never been better to save your customers money whilst making good money for yourself in a repeatable ethical way. So if you're serious why not call me on 08448 8448 55 for a chat and take the first step towards your new business.   Andrew Park Owner


Franchise Q&A

What is Utility Brokering?

We negotiate discounts and refunds errors and overcharges on energy, telecom and water bills by offering a choice of services to suit all size of clients:

ONLINE QUOTING For houses & businesses of all sizes they can use our online instant price calculators to compare and switch online. We offer a FREE service as suppliers pay us the royalties. Customers can buy online without any effort on our part.

NEGOTIATION Recommended for businesses spending 15k or more on one meter or for people with multiple premises. Were paid a lump sum of around 25% of what we save clients for the next 12 months based against their current supplier's renewal offer.

MANAGEMENT For large or multiple site clients we recommend ‘working for them, not the suppliers'. Reductions and refunds are split with clients 50/50 each month. We monitor clients monthly bills against market offers, ensuring they continually benefit from maximum savings. We identify and refund overcharges, liaise with suppliers, tender and negotiate wholesale price contracts on behalf of customers. In effect the client benefits from our 'purchasing department' without increasing their overhead.

AUCTION This service suits large gas and electric users and allows clients to tender their own supplies online in a reverse auction not unlike Ebay in reverse. The service is FREE as we get paid by the winning supplier or our auction partner without ever having to involve ourselves in the actual negotiations.

Whatever the client chooses we guarantee 'if we don't save clients’ money, we don’t get paid'...customers can’t lose!

Don’t clients do this themselves?

Most consumers don't for four main reasons:

1. They are too busy and don't want the ‘hassle’ of dealing with something which is ‘technical’ to them.

2. They are disadvantaged by profit driven suppliers ( it’s not in utility companies interests to volunteer savings) and customers have a fear of 'sales talk'.

3. Tariffs and contracts are bewildering, they change frequently, many rates are not published and most consumers don't understand what they are being 'sold' as a result. 

4. Overcharges occur due to unsuitable metering or tariffs and the complexity of bills and contracts; yet customers pay as they don't want to be ‘cut off’ and assume bills are ‘probably’ correct. Errors on bills are more common than ever- as deregulation has forced suppliers to cut overheads and staff, billing problems have become more frequent.

How much competition is there?

We're in a vibrant competitive market; the UK is the most deregulated market in the world. We as brokers have a larger client base than Accountants with some 28.4 million electricity and 20.9 million gas customers. Look in Yellow Pages at the hundreds of successful Accountants, then try finding even just a few Utility consultants. Over the coming years your market will explode as Europe and the USA opens to more deregulation. What you learn with us can be applied worldwide.

Can't I set this business up myself without paying you ?

Yes, you possibly could but...

if you take into account the time and money it will take you to gain the knowledge, set up supplier arrangements and market effectively, it will cost you a lot more. Many big brands like British Gas only deal with established aggregators and will ignore your approach. It will take a lot more time and money to do this yourself so why not be your own boss but be part of a group with its buying power, support and marketing clout.

Remember we're already 20 years ahead of you, you don't have to make the same mistakes we did...our experience and backing is worth a lot.

What will I earn?

Earnings are determined by four main factors:

1. Marketing spend: Recent research to date shows that for every £1 spent on marketing you can expect to earn £3. Therefore if your target income in year 1 is say £25,000 you should spend £8250 a year or £687 a month. As your business grows you should keep re-investing a similar percentage of your income in marketing to 'lever' your income.

2. Effort. Like any business the more you put in the more you'll receive.

3. Turnover of clients utility spend. You can choose to target lots of smaller accounts or concentrate on serving just a few clients with larger utility costs...the choice is yours.

4. No of actual clients per annum.

Realistic range of income from £20,000 - £300,000 per annum. In 15 years our commission has averaged 4% of our clients utility spend.

Therefore if you ignore any client fees on refunds etc. and concentrate wholly on supplier commission only...

High street takeaway with £7000 on gas and electricity = £280
Restaurant with £20,000 in gas and electricity = £800
Nursing home with £50,000 on gas and electricity = £2000
Industrial unit with £100,000 on gas and electricity = £4000

Then in conjunction with that here's some sample clients fees shown below (these can be verified should you choose to visit us). 

Client: Savings Time: Our fees:
Service: MANAGEMENT      
Health Club £64000 (plus £2560 refund) 16 hrs + 30 mins p.m £33,280 (£832 per hour)
Bakery £25682 (plus £810 refund) 12 hrs + 30 mins p.m. £13,246 (£552 per hour)
Above fees are paid monthly by clients @ 50% of the saving on each bill.
Service: NEGOTIATION      
Luggage Mfr £2906.89 electricity saving 10 hrs £726.72 (£72.67 per hour)
Software Co £1366.91 telecom saving 4.5hrs £341.73 (£76 per hour)
Above fees are paid by client @ 25% of first year saving after initial work is completed.


Franchise-what does it cost?

There is one new Licence available at £13,000 plus vat this year.

Why? Because I run my own successful brokerage I want to ensure whoever invests in business with us gets the best possible support. We can only guarantee that for one person in the next 12 months.

Comprehensive business package including:

Instant access to five different pricing systems for business and home energy comparisons.

Worldwide territory, no licence area restriction, operate in any deregulated market

Training in bill auditing and bill validation so you can claim refunds and overcharges on bills and share the fees with your clients.

100% of client fees and supplier commissions are yours, no royalties payable to us unless you wish to use one of our suppler arrangements in which case we pay you 90% of the commissions.

£34 dual & £17 single fuel commission per home energy sale.

Daily/weekly/monthly industry information and price matrix updates from leading suppliers.

160 section training programme via skype, phone, email or in person covering energy, telecom and water.

Skype and email support in auditing your clients billing.

Residential Energy Calculator branded & built to look like your website

Business Energy electric and gas calculator branded to look like your site

Business Mains Water enquiry forms and auto responders built into your website plus mains water/waste training and 90% commission payments ( Scotland has deregulated and the rest of the UK is scheduled to deregulate in part of this huge opportunity).

UQuote customer supply management portal ( Allows you to keep all supply details online for your client and emails and texts your customer base automatically each year with revised quotes so you don't miss renewal opportunities)

Website search engine optimisation and advice in developing and digital marketing

0843 telephone number with online call management system

Unlimited support time ongoing

Option to sell on licence & we support the buyer or we buy it back from you

Call as soon as possible to enquire on availability or ask any questions on 08448 8448 55. There is no obligation and it could be your first step towards your new future. 

Watch the Video

 Watch the video above on how easy it is to "plug in" our business opportunity.

Your branded business energy price comparison engine will generate real time prices and automatically sends renewal reminders in years to come. You earn residual income year after year. It's all accessible online whether you work from home, in an office or are on the move using a mobile phone or tablet.

You have access to the biggest energy brands and live prices updating constantly (just like an airline booking system). Your sales admin is outsourced from the point of order so you don't need any specialist knowledge or need to handle paperwork.