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Welcome! We're here to save you money on essential utilities like gas, electric for your business and home.

Why trust us?  

Well, we've helped over 30,000 customers just like you since we started in 1998. We remain fiercely independent and on your side. You can trust us to guide you to the best deals and give you impartial advice if you need it, and it's all FREE. Being online means we can survive on tiny margins meaning you get lower prices. After all, we've no expensive London offices, no toys to give away and no costly and annoying TV ads.  You enjoy straight forward great value prices with no gimmicks plus good advice.

Compare the cheapest home or business prices instantly on your screen right now.  

Enter a few simple details to see the lowest instant rates from big brand suppliers and smaller independents too, live on your screen.  You can store quotes and re-check them, set renewal reminders and get expert advice as well. We don't give you the ‘hard sell’. Our energy and telephone calculators are Consumer Focus and Ofcom approved.  

If you're offered a cheaper price within 24 hours of ordering from us we'll refund the annual difference.  Shop with confidence !

 The average home energy saving last month was £355 a year & the average business energy or water saving: £784. 

So compare and save money today by clicking on a category above or drop us a line and we’ll contact you. 

Including Energy price comparisons from these brands and many more

Including Energy price comparisons from these brands and many more

In the unlikely event you're offered a cheaper price within 24 hours of ordering with us we'll refund the annual difference. Buy with confidence!

In the unlikely event you're offered a cheaper price within 24 hours of ordering with us we'll refund the annual difference. Buy with confidence!

How to carry out an energy price comparison on PowerSwitch can help you find the best energy prices for your postcode — just follow these simple steps to compare gas and electricity:

  1. Enter your postcode

  2. Tell us how much energy you use, and who supplies it

  3. We’ll show you the cheapest energy deals in your area

  4. Choose the plan that suits you

  5. Sit back, You’ve applied and we’ll do the rest

What is ?

PowerSwitch is a free, independent price comparison service that helps you compare energy and prices and switch your gas and electricity supplier to save on your household bills or business overheads.

We’ve helped more than 20,000 people compare energy deals and save on their energy bills since 2008, Our calculator is accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code.

Why compare energy prices ?

If you haven’t switched your energy tariff recently, it’s unlikely you’re on the best deal available. With PowerSwitch you could save £400 on average off your energy bills simply by switching.

There’s no one single option that suits all, so it’s important to run an energy comparison based on your details. That way we can help you find the best energy deals in your postcode area tailored to your usage.

Can I get a cheap gas and electricity deal for my home or business ?

To find the cheapest gas and electricity deals you’ll need to shop around regularly. If you’ve previously signed a contract you’ll likely be rolled onto a standard tariff, which is the most expensive type of plan.

If you’ve never switched it’s highly likely you can find a cheaper energy deal in minutes with Simply enter a few details and search for a cheap energy deal.

You may even be able to stay with your current suppliers but switch to a cheaper energy tariff. Check to see if your current supplier has a cheap gas and electricity deal on offer — the cheapest energy supplier might be the one you’re with now.

Which is the cheapest energy supplier ?

There’s no one answer. The best option for someone else isn’t necessarily the cheapest for you. That’s why we compare energy suppliers tailored to you to get the best energy deals.

Energy suppliers vary their pricing by region, meter type and usage. Different energy suppliers also target different types of consumer so some might offer a cheaper deal to consumers with high usage.

We compare all of market but you can choose a deal not only on price but by customer satisfaction rating.

Can I compare gas prices or compare electricity prices separately ?

Yes, while you can compare dual fuel prices with you can also choose to compare gas prices or compare electricity prices separately, depending on your needs.

Not all customers use both types of energy and many energy suppliers offer tariffs for just one type of fuel. You can also compare gas and electricity separately if you wish to choose different suppliers for each rather than one dual fuel supplier.

Can I compare electricity rates only ?

If you don't have gas you can search for separate electricity-only tariffs. When comparing energy prices with just select ‘dual fuel’, ‘electric only’ or ‘gas only’.

If you use both gas and electricity but want to compare rates from different brands, you can choose to see these separately by choosing 'show electricity results' on your results page.

Can I compare gas only tariffs ?

While every premises uses electricity you can click the ‘gas only’ button and compare gas prices from the big six brands and smaller independent suppliers.

There are a number of gas-only suppliers and many energy suppliers also offer separate gas-only tariffs.

To compare gas tariffs with, simply run an energy comparison and select 'gas only' on your results page. You'll can easily compare gas-only plans and dual-fuel tariffs to see which is the best energy deal for you.

What information do I need to provide to compare energy prices?

For us to run an energy comparison, we’ll need your postcode and address details and it helps to have a recent energy bill to hand. If you don’t have a bill you can just input how much you pay for your gas and electricity. If you don’t know how much you pay we can estimate your usage based on OFGEM averages. To complete your switch you’ll need to provide contact and payment details so your new supplier can take over your energy account.

What happens once I’ve switched energy? is a free service that handles the switching process for you. Once you’ve completed your energy switch, your new energy supplier will contact your old supplier and agree a switching date. You will then receive a welcome pack and letter from your new gas and electricity supplier. This will outline what you’ve agreed to, and tell you what happens next. There won’t be any interruption in your energy supply. If you’re a business, suppliers aim to take over the day after your current contract ends.

How long does it take to switch energy supplier?

It only takes a few minutes to run an energy comparison on PowerSwitch. If you’re a home customer there’s a 14-day cooling-off period in which you can cancel your switch if you change your mind. The whole energy switching process should be complete in 17 days or on your renewal date if you run a business..

Why are my energy bills so high?

Your gas and electricity bills are largely dependent on how many kwh’s ( units) you burn, but there are other reasons your bills might have gone up recently:

  1. Your contract ended
    A fixed price plan protects against price rises. These plans do end though, and when they do you get automatically rolled on to a new plan with different rates. This is often a standard variable tariff or default tariff, the most expensive type of plan on offer.

  2. Your energy supplier has raised prices
    If you’re on a standard variable or default tariff, your energy supplier can raise prices at any time. It pays to ‘lock in’ prices with a fixed price deal for the duration you prefer.

  3. Your bills are over estimated.
    Check that your bill is based on actual readings of your electricity meter rather than estimated ones. It’s important to take your own readings so that you get charged accurately. Or consider getting a smart meter, which provides real-time meter readings and can help you monitor your energy usage — you can request one from your supplier or switch to a smart meter tariff. Be aware though that there is no national standard fro smart meters which might mean you’ll have trouble switching in the future to another supplier ( some suppliers can’t read data from some meters).

Can I switch my energy plan if I have a prepayment meter?

Yes, you can still switch your energy deal if you’re on a prepayment meter. Just select ‘Prepayment meter’ when you’re asked how you pay your energy bills. You can tell you’re on a prepayment meter if you pay in advance with a smart card, token or key. You can also choose to switch away from using a prepayment meter by replacing it with a credit meter and this will give you more savings and more choice of suppliers.

Can I switch energy if I’m renting a property?

Yes, you can switch to a better energy deal if you’re a tenant. The only exception is if your landlord pays the energy bills or if energy charges are included in your rent. If your name is on your energy bill you have the right to switch energy supplier and save on energy.

What’s the difference between a fixed rate contract and a variable rate tariff?

Once you’ve run an energy comparison you’ll be able to choose from available tariffs, which could include fixed rate contracts or variable price tariffs. Fixed rate contracts usually run from 1-5 years and guarantee the rate you pay for your energy during this time. Variable rates can go up or down depending on wholesale energy prices.

It’s important to note that this is different from a standard variable tariff, which you’ll usually be switched to after your fixed rate ends. Standard variable tariffs are usually a supplier’s most expensive plan so it pays to shop around if you’ve been rolled onto this type of plan after your fixed rate term has ended.

How do I know the which is the best energy supplier for me?

The best gas and electricity supplier for you won’t necessarily be the cheapest. With PowerSwitch you can filter by what’s important to you, whether that’s the lowest price, a big name supplier or one that offers green energy for example.

We also know customer service is important, so you can review customer ratings to help you compare energy suppliers, from the well-known ‘big six’ to the smaller independent suppliers ( who often provide better rated service).

Can I switch to the same energy supplier?

If you don’t want to switch away from your supplier, you still might be able to find a better deal with PowerSwitch. If you haven’t switched your energy deal before it’s likely that you’re on your provider’s standard variable or out of contract rate, often the most expensive type of plan on offer. You can use PowerSwitch to switch to a better energy deal from your current provider if you’re happy with the service but want to save on your energy bills.

Powerswitch has always been my first and best guide to the most competitive currently prevailing prices in both gas and electricity. Their comprehensive system is simple and easily used. Much appreciated.
— J Donnelly, Thistle All Trades
You have made it all so easy.
Many thanks
— Mrs S Reilly, The Wishing Well Tea Room