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You may not have heard of it yet but as a home or business owner you can now take advantage of the UK Government's "Green Deal Scheme". This enables you to make a range of energy-efficient improvements to your home or business in effect for FREE. You can also take advantage of the following:

Green Homes Cash Back  funding  - which provides grant funding of up to 75% of your costs for installing Solid Wall Insulation and up to a maximum of £6,000;  up to £400 for installing Cavity, Loft or Floor insulation;  up to £500 for installing a new Condensing Boiler;  up to £300 for installing other specified energy saving measures such as, new Glazing, Insulated Doors or Heating Controls;  and up to £100 towards the cost of having a Green Deal Assessment Report prepared by a qualified Assessor

Renewable Loan Scheme funding -   which offers interest free loans of up to £10,000, repayable over 5-12 years, and to help you install a range of renewable technologies at your home, including;  Solar PV or Solar Thermal panels, a Micro or Hydro Wind Turbine system, an Air, Ground, Water Source or Hybrid Heat Pump, or a Biomass Stove or Boiler
FIT and RHI payments  - which are set by Ofgem and paid directly to you for the energy produced by the kind of systems outlined above and over a set period of time depending on the system you choose to install 

How can it be FREE ?

Under the Green Deal Initiative improvements made to your home and business will save you money on your energy bills. Part of the saving on each bill pays for the cost of the work, you don't pay anything directly, you just pay your energy bills as normal.

The UK is one of 37 countries who've agreed to a legally binding target to reduce 80% of carbon emissions by 2050. A major part of meeting that target is to improve the energy efficiency of the UK's housing and business premises. This reduces our reliance on imported fuel and cuts the carbon footprint of the UK. If like most people, you want to improve your house or business and reduce your own costs but thought you couldn't afford the cost of a new boiler, double glazing or insulation, think again!

How does it work ?

You save money on your energy bills from the improvements installed and the cost of the improvements is subtracted from the saving on each energy bill. The "Golden Rule" of the Green Deal is that "the monthly saving on your energy bill will be more than the monthly cost of any improvements". This will be itemised on your electricity bill.

For example, let's say an assessor surveys your premises and calculates your house can save £600 a year (£50 a month ) if they install £10,000 worth of improvements (that's the maximum allowed for a house; there is no maximum for a business).

From the £50 monthly saving the £10,000 is paid back at £42 a month from your electricity bill over 20 years. That means without you spending any money you're saving a net £8 a month ( £50 monthly saving less £42) on your energy bills, yet you've benefitted from £10,000 of new gas boiler, replacement windows and insulation, It not only improves your home it adds to the value of your property if you sell.

You'll pay less on your energy bills than you do now for a cleaner greener home without spending any money or taking out a personal loan. The finance is attached to your property-not to you !

So if you sell your home or business you're not liable to pay off the finance (it continues to be paid via the new owners bills). If you switch energy suppliers every year to save even more money the Green Deal savings continue as well- they transfer to the bills from the new supplier. It really is that simple.

What do I do next ?

First your property needs to be surveyed by a qualified assessor. They'll work out what's required to save you the most money and give you a report showing the savings and the amount from the saving that goes to pay for the improvement work. You also need a Green Deal Assesment if you want to apply for the RHI ( Renewable Heat Incentive ) or for grants where you get money back on green heating products you install. A Green Deal Assessment costs £150 but you can claim £100 back after you upgrade your home with at least one of the Green Deal Assessors recommendations.

Once you've reviewed the recommendations choose a Green Deal Approved Installer to do the work. Your home or business could be modernised and more energy efficient in as little as three weeks.

So start today by completing the form and we'll get an assessor to contact you to arrange a suitable date and time..

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