Npower offers customers new technology to reduce their energy bills

Npower Business offers customers new technology to reduce their energy bills

Posted: 23 Jun 2015 08:08 AM PDT

Npower Business has today announced that it is the first UK energy supplier to offer energy saving voltage technology optimisation units. These will be available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) after partnering with UK Company EMSc.

Npower Business say that electricity is supplied at higher voltage than most sites require. The new partnership will see Npower Business customers offered a voltage optimisation unit installed onsite. This will lower the voltage to optimum levels, as well as bringing the businesses energy bills down. It should also extends the life of electrical equipment and reduces carbon emissions.

Designed and manufactured in Sheffield, the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation solutions have been proven to save SMEs between 12- 15% off their energy bills.

Npower Business's SME markets director Philip Scholes said:

"From our own discussions with our customers, we know that they are all looking to get a better handle on their outgoings, reducing them where and wherever possible. Whilst many shrug off energy as a necessary cost, there are almost always ways in which businesses can make greater savings; and voltage optimisation is one of the many tools we can supply our customers to help them to save money."

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director of Powerstar added:

"We are proud to be working in partnership with Npower to deliver our multi award winning Powerstar systems to businesses across the UK. All our solutions continue to be manufactured in the UK, as they have been since being established 14 years ago and they all come with a five year guarantee". 

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