05-08 Meters must get smart

Ofgem have demanded that all maximum demand (05 to 08 profile meters) must be “settled” using half hourly data from 1st April 2016.  This means that all of these meters will have to be billed based on actual reads from AMR meters which record the meter usage in half hourly periods.  The impact on the customer bills is not clear at the moment.  It is likely to vary from one supplier to the next depending on how their systems work.

We will keep you updated on developments when we have a clearer view of what will happen.  We know that some suppliers will have to transfer these supplies to be half hourly (profile 00) meters.  Haven Power are the only supplier who has confirmed that this is what they will have to do.  Everyone else has indicated that there will be changes to the charging basis for maximum demand meters.

Gazprom has confirmed that because of this they cannot accept contracts for maximum demand meters where the end date will be after September 2016. Watch this space..